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Digital Standard for the New, Green Economy

> Deploying decentralized venture capital to solve climate change


OurCoin is a decentralized and democratic ecosystem powered by people via code. OurCoin manages its own digital asset, the OurCoin Classic (OCC) token, which allows anyone to join OurCoin as an OCC participant, by holding one or several OCC tokens. This process is similar to an investment in an index fund. All participants can vote as a collective on whether to invest in various green entrepreneurs, established companies and development projects.  All voting behavior is stored digitally and thus made public for audit or general review.


The team at OurInterest manages OurCoin on a day-to-day basis. All team members, current and future are publicly known and include the Founders and advisers of the company.

Powering the Green Economy

Attract, fund and promote innovative, green entrepreneurs and companies.

Unlock the potential of the green economy by promoting sustainable economic activity.

Empower consumers with greater knowledge about the things they buy.


The particpants are the collective owners of OurCoin. Anyone who owns one or more OurCoin Classic tokens is considered a participant or token holder. 

More information in our whitepaper


The founders represent the interests of participants by finding and presenting innovative or ground breaking entrepreneurs and companies in which the OCC community can collectively invest.

Phase 1
Phase 2

1 - Identify Projects

Suitable projects are vetted by the OurInterest team via network of VC, hedge fund and other partnerships.

2 - Present Projects

Projects are presented and discussed on the OCC community forum.

3 - Shareholders vote

Shareholders vote on the submitted project within a time-frame of 21 days with the majority prevailing.

4 - Deployment of Funds

Upon successful approval of project, funding is deployed and a manager assigned.

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1 - Launch of platform

Platform developed to distribute green standard for products across company supply chains.

2 - Use Case via Existing Projects

Projects funded via the OurCoin community utilize the standards as a proof of concept.

3 - Establish partnerships

Establish new and strengthen existing relationships with NGOs and 'green' organisations.

4 - Deployment of Standards

Deploy and scale platform via public support and partnerships in each region.

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Technical Details


"OurInterest seeks to disrupt the current green economy with a new business model, supported by the blockchain. This White Paper proposes the formation of a decentralized green ecosystem packaged in a unique structure to connect financial markets, green companies, crypto markets and the public. This unique operating model will create a transparent method to fund green, ethical companies; develop, trade and promote the products and services of these companies within a transparent eco-system and allow continuous feedback/decision making from the community of token holders...

Our vision is to support a global self-sufficient green community based on renewable energy and green, ethical companies utilizing blockchain, machine learning and smart contracts. By creating such an ecosystem, OurInterest would like to contribute to the evolution of the green economy on a global scale."