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Congrats ! You've made it this far, you understand money can be made AND LOST in the financial markets, but you wish guidance as to whether you can be a trader. OurInterest has teamed up with the good folks at Forex Analytix to provide educational resources to the Caribbean at 20% discount. The team at ForexAnalytix is impressive and each trader has at least 15 years in the business with experience ranging from trading for international banks to proprietary firms.

OurInterest, being a Caribbean company involved in the financial markets now for 10+ years, is concerned with the MLM schemes that have recently clouded real financial education. We are not promising riches, instant knowledge or any get quick schemes. Trading is a skill that takes time, education and yes money to execute properly. 

Which best describes you below: 

  • Have at least $10,000 USD to trade

  • Accept risk of losing money 

  • Coachable -willing to learn 

  • Willing to be wrong and cut losses

  • Have at least 4 hours in the day to trade/ learn to trade

  • Have less than $10,000 USD to trade

  • Highly risk averse

  • Stick to what you know

  • Unable to set aside hours to learn to trade or learn

Congrats, if you know which side best describes you! 

The beauty and curse of the financial markets is that everyone can be a trader, which doesn't mean of course that everyone should be a trader. If you lean more to the right it is possible that you are simply more prone to being a longer term investor. While, we accept investors, Forex Analytix is more geared towards educating traders. 

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