Hacking the Green Economy

Thank you for joining us dear reader for part 2.

Now, I want you to imagine a world, one where we know whether a product has been produced ethically or with environmental standards in mind without ever reading a label or conducting any research.

Perhaps you may imagine a spiffy startup, global foundation or even an NGO controlling these standards. What if your currency performs this role in the future? Just picture it for a second, your money, in this case a cryptocurrency or digital national currency, will be programmable and ‘talk’ to you.

This is my vision for the future. A future where each individual is knowledgeable of the impact their individual economic activity and choices have on the planet and its inhabitants — whether in the present or the future.

I know this might seem far-fetched to some of my readers for now, but for those in the cryptocurrency space it certainly is plausible. Presently, some crypto“currencies”, and I use that term loosely, are indeed programmable. I daresay we are on the eve of living in such a world, one which is taking small steps to the future I envision. However, I note that such a vision takes time especially one which encompasses all currencies, whether cryptocurrency or digital national currencies; USD, Euros, Yen etc.

To get the ball rolling, I am proposing this process be coordinated in two main stages.

Stage 1. The funding of innovative and groundbreaking green tech entrepreneurs and projects.

Stage 2. The creation of green/ethical standards developed by working with NGOs and other global bodies etc to progress the overall vision

You may ask why stage 1 is necessary and the reason is twofold. Stage 1 will assist in development of grassroots support by the global, green community. Additionally it will provide a use case to the public on how the standards can be implemented via entrepreneurs while offering an example of the real world impact.

My team and I have taken the first steps to actively engage with several entities towards achieving the first stage of this process. In time we will provide further insights and results as we progress towards stage 2.

I look forward to further engagement with readers and leave you with the words of Neil deGrasse Tyson who stated, “Boldly going where hundreds have gone before does not make headlines.”

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