5 Reasons Why You Should Buy OCC Tokens At The Upcoming ICO

We are just a couple days away from the Initial Coin Offering (ICO) of the OurCoin Classic and I'm incredibly excited about it. Why?

Here are 5 reasons why you should participate in te OCC ICO.

1. You get to be involved in saving the planet.

All of the investment opportunities that are presented in the platform are groundbreaking, innovative companies that are involved in projects that aren't just carbon neutral but carbon negative. In most instances, these are private companies that ordinary investors wouldn't even be able to access under normal circumstances (think Tesla before it went public). This means that you gain the unique opportunity to support high potential companies in the quest, not just to do no harm, but to actually undo harm. Given the rate at which pollutants continue to push the planet's ability to regenerate, we need to funnel money to the companies who will help to turn back the hands of the doomsday clocks.

2. Democratic investing at its best.

Democratic investing at its best, has currently been proclaimed as “the next gold rush” by many entrepreneurs, influential speakers and crypto currency traders online. Unlike in a traditional fund, where the managers make all the investing decisions, OCC will have a transparent digital voting system, that will allow all of the token holders to actively participate in the management of their money. This will range from design features of the overall system, deciding which companies receive funding and how interim cash flows are distributed. This allows YOU to actually have a meaningful say in how your funds are invested.

3. Professional Investment Screening

What's better than having choices? Having only good options to choose from! Each company that token holders will vote on will be thoroughly vetted and researched by the professional investment management team, with over 30 years experience. This takes out the issues about the reliability of the information that you are being presented with.

4. Identity Protection

Protecting your Identity, in my opinion has grown tremendously since the intervention of crypto currencies and predominantly when making private or normal transactions. One of the incredible advantages of using the blockchain technology, is having the ability to engage the entire system and receive all returns without having nosy government agencies phishing your personal details.

5. No ongoing management fees

Fees are often the distinguishing factor between the choices of pooled investments. Why dish out money when you aren't making any? At OurInterest, we completely agree. We don't charge any fees for our investment expertise, gathering deal flow or all of the complicated back end stuff. We are fellow token holders and our entire compensation is based on the decisions that you, the community, make. Your wealth is definitely our interest!

6. Access to Funding (Bonus!)

For all of the green entrepreneurs who are out there, we are eager to hear from you. Our investment professionals are incredibly passionate about uncovering amazing opportunities to put our money to work to save our planet. Contact us and we will work alongside you to make sure that we can put an irresistible proposition before the OurCoin Community. Also, being a part of our funding pool certifies that you are a green business; that could make it easier for future funding rounds.

There you have it, 6 reasons why getting involved with this ICO is one of the best ways you can invest your money in the coming months and years. Let's do incredibly well by credibly doing good.

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