Do we Even want to solve Climate Change?

Do we Even want to solve Climate change

I paused and reflected for just a brief moment after Hurricane Irma and then Hurricane Maria, do we even want to solve climate change ? Scientists already know and constantly remind us that climate change is real and is starting to affect the world. From Neil deGrasse Tyson to James Hansen, “the father of climate change awareness,” they tap us on our shoulder and whisper “climate change is real buddy!” Sometimes they even shout it.

Man on moon, Pluto

The two aren’t directly connected, but, if we can put a man on the moon and send satellites deep within the solar system … we can solve climate change. For me it isn’t even a question, we just have to determine who is interested in solving it and working backwards. For example, Russia and the USA were both interested in going to the moon to prove their superiority so scientists worked night and day to see how they could do this. Likewise environmentalists and whoever else believes in climate change simply need to band together and work on the solution instead of having long winded conversations with climate change deniers across all sections of the internet. This has quite literally only diminished the issue into a talking point, particularly in American politics. I for one don’t care too much for American politics (beyond American bombing nations and being one of the chief proponents of climate change - ok, so maybe I do care). However, there is no immediate economic incentive for America to act and we should stop expecting them to.

Humans are selfish- A convo with former school mate

Recently, I had the pleasure of reconnecting with the most beautiful girl in my childhood school. She was still gorgeous, but this time a bit more cynical. She no longer believed in the goodness of people and thought, probably rationally, that no one would change their lifestyles in order to help others. This is the part that stood out to me the most in our brief discussion, before she jetted off;

“We know that certain companies use sweatshop labor. They have scandals and we ooh and ahh, but we still buy because it is cheaper. Companies only change when they recognize the potential impact on their profit margins. And when those impacts are long-lasting.”

She was perhaps right; why would any human being endure discomfort and change their lifestyle for some uncertain future gain, which might be for the good of another and not themselves? Climate change, after all, might not even affect them within their lifetime. This is what the world did though over a decade ago when all the rage was about CFCs and banning them. You probably have seen the term and vaguely remember it, that is because the efforts of environmental campaigners were so successful the substance was banned and the ozone hole is set to be completely healed by 2030. Research it in your spare time, but the lessons are clear... we don’t need every single human to be concerned about an issue to solve it. We just need a tangible solution and persons willing to execute. Small, consistent momentum builds mass support and mass support influences corporate actors to change their behaviour.

Celebrities can’t have it both ways

People are often paradoxical. One of the most recent popular examples of this is Beyonce last week claiming she is against global warming and climate change. See a picture of her private jet within this article.

I’ve actually grown to respect JayZ and Beyonce over time, so this isn’t an attack. I’m just pointing out that you can’t, with one breath, state you are against something and then go and fuel it more than the average human with the next. It seems contradictory. Perhaps they are investing in green jets and I just don’t know, but I doubt highly. The same can probably even go for Al Gore, who it has been reported, used a private jet company to promote his climate change film, “An Inconvenient Truth”. Perhaps this is just me being petty and not understanding celebrities need to travel around privately.

Media Interest will wane

The human brain has evolved to pay more attention to threats to our safety. The media knows this; this is why our news flow is dominated by wars to politics to the weather. Unfortunately, this means that climate change is only topical when a disaster happens. And to make matters worse it always seems a bit insensitive to talk about climate change when the more immediate need is the suffering of various persons. So we focus on the symptoms: the damage, human suffering and, ultimately the restoration effort. However, if another disaster occurs in two years time, let’s say a hurricane, then suddenly a discussion and a solution at the time of the last disaster seems definitely worth the trouble. It’s one of those ironies in how we are programmed. Let’s break this cycle of not talking and acting to reduce the likelihood of future disasters.

Let’s get it done - Our solution We aren’t all hot air ( I hope you see what we did there); here is our solution!

The OurCoin project seeks to provide a two step approach to dealing with two of the most troubling and inter-generational issues facing humanity; continued sustainable living and climate change.

The first step, the OurCoin Classic ecosystem, seeks to leverage the many benefits of the blockchain to democratically provide funding to ground breaking pioneers of environmentally progressive solutions.

The second step is far grander in scope: the introduction of a global ethical and sustainability standard. Information related to the environmental and societal impact of each product's production, use and eventual disposal is distilled into a numerical rating. This empowers consumers to consciously direct their purchasing power to sustainably produced goods.

Disclaimer: “most beautiful girl in school,” may have been sensationalizing a bit for journalistic effect.

Author: Craig Harewood/ OurInterest Investment Director Media Contact Public Relations Manager: Precious Chidera


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