Puertico Rico category 5 - Hurricanes intensifying due to climate change and the solution

The last time a Category 5 hit Puerto Rico this happened.

Hurricane Maria was the second fastest strengthening hurricane in recent history, going from Category 1 to Category 5 in just 15 hours. Ask our stricken neighbours in Dominica or Barbuda if climate change is a myth!

We don't wish more hurricanes of this size or strength.

We want every every product in the world to have a virtual rating tag that is tracked via blockchain technology. We would then crunch all the data to rate (on a scale of 1 - 10) how sustainable every product's journey is from raw materials to disposal. Given this information, consumers all over the world can use their purchasing power to punish companies damaging our planet and reduce the number of these horrific tragedies in our future and in our children's futures.

The technology is already there, the vision and resources to do something about it aren't...YET. Join us! Join the only cryptocurrency (OurCoin Classic) tackling the issue of climate change.