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August 31st

Official ICO Address: Provided 24 hours before the start of the ICO

  • DO NOT send funds from Parity multi-sig wallets. 

  • OCC Token will be sent immediately to the wallet from which the ETH, BTC, Waves or fiat arrived.

  • Citizens or residents of the USA should note that their participation is considered as a donation. Further any funds sent by green companies financed via the community are regarded as thank you payments and not dividends. Further, the entire community votes on which projects receive funding and consequently receive no investment advice or offer for a security.

Connect with Us...

  • Join our official Telegram group to chat with us.

  • Read our announcement on

  • Read more recent news on our project.

ICO Duration

The ICO runs for 90 days or until all tokens have been allocated. Our goal is to ensure fair and balanced access for small and larger investors and the overall community. For this reason, and in order not to place undue burden on the Waves network, we have decided not to implement an accelerator or discount function for early birds.


Use of Proceeds

From the total proceeds, 15% will be used for operations (software development, human resources, legal, marketing) and 85% will go into the portfolio.

How It Works


Phase 1:

  1. ICO participants send funds (Bitcoin or fiat currency) to the Waves platform.

  2. The funds are then exchanged by buying OCC on the Waves platform.

  3. Voting rights and any profits are based on allocation of OCC and subsequent decision making. Kindly note the community votes on what ventures to fund, though the OurInterest team will screen unsuitable companies or applications.

Phase 2:
Businesses use new cryptocurrency to prove they are green. Your currency will tell you whether goods you purchase are ethically or sustainably produced. 

*See whitepaper for explanation of phases.*

How Token Holder Benefits

Token holders profit from the value increase in digital assets through a proof-of-membership in the fund. In addition, they participate in the distribution of profits as an annual dividend. Token holders receive their dividend through a smart contract as crypto or fiat payment. 

Initial Coin Offering


ICO Start


Token Symbol

Token Full Name

Smart Contract Address

Token Supply

Exchange Rate

Unused Tokens


Accepted Currencies

Role of Token

Target Portfolio %

August 31st, 24:00 AST+

Token Cap Reached or December 1st,24:00 AST+


OurCoin Classic

Announced 24 Hours Before ICO 

200,000,000 OCC

1 OCC = 1 USD (at the start of the ICO)

Held in reserve to be sold at a premium in the next coin offering


Proof-of-Membership, Access to Profit Distribution, Voting Rights

65% Base-load Renewable Energy Projects, 20% Ground

Breaking Green-Tech, 15% Innovative & Green Startups

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